Say what, say who, say what?

Every once in a while my trainer goes off the deep end and comes up with a workout routine she must have dreamt about during one of her sadist nightmares!  I mean why take it out on me?  Anywho, the exercises hurt, the acid burns my muscles and I just feel like I can’t go another rep.  That is when she says it should be getting GOOD TO ME!  Ummmm, yeah ok!  But, if you are in the mood of being tortured so good – perform the below workout and let me know how you feel afterwards.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!  Let’s GO!

BB General Workout
First Set
Exercise Sets Reps Weight
Strive   leg press 3 12,15,20 90 lbs
Strive   leg press – right 3 12,15,20 45 lbs
Strive   leg press – left 3 12,15,20 45 lbs
Wide arm   push ups 3 15,20,20
Squat   jumps 3 20,20,20
Second Set
Leg   extension 3 15,15,15 65 lbs
Leg   extension – left 3 15,15,15 35 lbs
Leg   extension – right 3 15,15.15 35 lbs
Seated   flye 3 12,15,15 30 lbs
Seated   flye – right 3 12,15,15 30 lbs
Seated   flye – left 3 12,15,15 30 lbs
Jump   lunges 3 30,30, 30
Third Set
Lying   leg curl 3 12,12,15 50 lbs
Lying   leg curl – right 3 12,12,15 35 lbs
Lying   leg curl – left 3 12,12,15 35 lbs
Push ups 3 10,15,20
Mountin   climbers 3 20,20,20
Tricep   dips 3 15,15, 15 125 lbs
Last Set
Seated   ab machine 3 20,20, 20 65 lbs
Decline   ab bench 3 20,20, 20 N/A

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I'm a lot of things such as wife, mother of 2, and career woman but my passion is fitness. You can sum me up as a fitness lifestyle blogger and enthusiast. I started Femme Fitale Fit Club to motivate women to live fit and healthy lives as well as share information on fitness programs, good nutrition, fitness equipment and tools. I love fitness challenges, running, cooking healthy meals, lifting weights, and meeting new people! View all posts by Femme Fitale Fit Club

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