Oh Where Oh Where Has My Sports Watch Gone?

I woke up 5:00 am today bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to start a challenging run on my treadmill. I reached into my gym bag – picked up and put on the monitor belt. Reached back into the bag for the actual HRM watch….and nothing.

With a foggy memory I worked to retrace my steps the last time I remember using my watch. Wasn’t it on Saturday, sitting at my computer, logging my run stats into Yup that’s it! I ran over to the computer…..nothing. Looked up, down, behind and on top. Hmmm, didn’t I take it off when I went to take a shower before my son’s football practice/game? Yup, that’s it..ran into the master bedroom, flipped on the lights…looked all around…nothing.

By this time 15 minutes have passed. I walked through every room from children’s room, to bathroom, to basement…and nothing.

So I will give it one more day and if nothing…will have to bite the bullet and purchase another one. So sad.

I hope she didn’t run away.  I hope she is hiding because she is mad at me for pressing her buttons too hard.  I hope she comes back to me.

Here is a picture of my missing watch and if anyone has seen her tell her I miss her.


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