My A-DIDAS! (Actually Asics)

In 2005 I learned about the power of running.  When I first started I did not realize the importance of the running shoes and gear.  So I went out on the happy trail to get some distance in.  Came home with blisters, overly wet and heavy cotton t-shirt and hurt feet.

Then I discovered the world of running shoes and learned which ones were appropriate for me.  I wandered into Fleet Feet one day where they sized me (actually had me buy a shoe about 1 to 1.5 sizes larger than my every day shoe size) and informed me about the important of keeping the feet as dry as possible to minimize rubbing and blisters.  They placed me on the treadmill to analyze my gait and how my feet land with each stride.

Before going through this exercise I just wore the regular sneakers one would purchase in the mall because after all – aren’t all sneakers made for running?  I learned they all are NOT!

I also learned 1 other thing – running shoes should be changed out about every 6 months if running regularly because the inside padding gets worn out and the runner could become more prone to shin splints.  OUCH!

These are my latest pair of running shoes.


They are Asics.  I used to go with a boring blue or gray pair but decided to spruce it up and add a little “color” to my life.  Asics are my preferred running shoe because they let my feet breathe, they are comfortable and I can even feel the wind grace my toes when I am outside.  Feels quite nice!

My preferred running socks are Balega because they allow for proper ventilation and wicking of any sweat that may be going on inside those shoes.

If you are interested in running I think it is definitely worth a visit to a running store to speak to the professionals there about the activity and the proper attire.  It may seem a bit expensive but trust me – it saves you money in the end because quality footware treats your feet well.  Who knew I would spend $10 on a pair of socks!???  But every since I bought them I have not had another blister to endure.

What are your favorite running shoes and gear?


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