Fitness For Beginners

You know – I need to take a step back.  I have been participating in exercise and fitness since 2005.  I started running outside at that time.  Stopped exercising for a few years in 2006 and 2007 to have my son and started back up in 2008 by hiring a personal trainer.  She patiently taught me the various exercises and proper form and started me with light weights and slowly increased me to the weights where I am now.  I did not have too aggressive fitness goals.  I wanted to go down 1 size and

I realize for anyone new starting to work out in the gym – it can be a crazy place.  Depending on the gym, there is strange looking equipment, well built men and women walking around, music blaring from classrooms with people shouting into a microphone, folks huffing on cardio equipment and people walking around naked in the changing rooms!  Who knew starting a new exercise routine would mean all of this.

Let’s not even go there with feeling exhausted after only 2 minutes of activity when it feels like 60 minutes have passed.  Or the utter discomfort of sweating, breathing hard, heart beating fast and achiness.  No, it is not easy.

This blog is a place for individuals of ALL FITNESS LEVELS and experience.  Whether you have been working out and need some motivation or you have contemplated starting a routine and did not know where to begin….this is your haven!  My goal is to encourage any and everyone to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle one day at a time.  Some days will be easier than others. Other days you plain may just want to quit and ask yourself if it is all worth it.

From someone who was a beginner who considers herself advanced – IT IS WORTH IT!  Perserverance is the key.  So check out the videos below from which will help guide in how to get started with working out.  ENJOY!

Fitness Plan for Beginners and over 40 lbs to Lose

Fitness Workout Routine for Beginners


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I'm a lot of things such as wife, mother of 2, and career woman but my passion is fitness. You can sum me up as a fitness lifestyle blogger and enthusiast. I started Femme Fitale Fit Club to motivate women to live fit and healthy lives as well as share information on fitness programs, good nutrition, fitness equipment and tools. I love fitness challenges, running, cooking healthy meals, lifting weights, and meeting new people! View all posts by Femme Fitale Fit Club

One response to “Fitness For Beginners

  • David Sharad

    Exercise is a key source to improve health and fitness. For beginners there are some tips to stay fitness exercise. Exercise regularly at least 45 minutes in a day. go for running, walking, practice push ups, bench press, chair squats and cable stretching. These are warm up and best exercises to make strong muscles, boost energy, build stamina, improve mental health and improve fitness.

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