The Early Bird

My neighborhood at 5:15 am.

My neighborhood at 5:15 am.

There is an old cliche – the early bird catches the worm and you know – when it comes to working out, that’s me.  See I am an early riser and someone who has the most of her energy in the morning hours vs. the afternoon or evening timeframe.  I wake up bursting…and ready to do something.

 From everything I read – there is still some dissension among the professionals in the fitness industry as to whether a person burns more fat and calories working out (lifting weights or performing cardio) in the morning after waking up and before consuming breakfast than working out any other time of day.  With that controversy aside, one IS burning calories, getting their blood moving and using energy to haul that weight or to run that hill so for me – whether I burn 5 extra calories an hour because I work out on an empty stomach in the morning is not that big of deal for me.

Probably a more reliable way to meet your weight or size goals is to drink plenty of water, eat clean and remain consistent with your health and fitness routine to maximize results no matter what time of day you work out.

I say do what works best for you.

Working out in the morning is optimal for me for several reasons:

 a)     My family is still asleep so I do not disturb them

b)     The world is quiet and that is my personal quiet time

c)      If I wait until later in the day I am typically exhausted or something else gets planned and I never get to it.

d)     If I try to workout later in the day I am busy with homework, cooking dinner and looking for a moment to decompress from the tiring day

e)     Working out in the morning gives me energy for the day

f)        I am more likely to get the workout in if done first thing vs. if I wait until later so there is a sense of accomplishment I got it done

When do you like to work out and why is that the best time for you?


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