Sometimes You Have to Tap Out

I’m tired.  Last week I was travelling back home from the gym and I passed my husband going TO the gym and we stopped and talked briefly through car windows.  The first thing he told me was “you look tired go home and rest some more”.  Of course when I got home I rushed around to get dressed, cook breakfast, make my lunch and zoom out of the house to get to work by 8:30 am in order to start participating on our calls.  I came home exhausted….rather beyond exhausted.

But I pushed through and also worked out Friday and Saturday (where I went out twice in the same morning).    Mondays are normally my rest days and I woke up today and was completely tuckered out.  So I called my trainer and informed her I am taking the week off.  Actually I won’t meet back up with her for 3 weeks because I go on vacation the following week and she goes out of town the first week in July.

She said she will pass on work out routines for me which I can do in her absence on my own.  She has done that before and I am grateful for it.  But as it stands – for this week – I am taking a break and sleeping in until 6:30 am every morning.

Sometimes you just have to tap out and refresh and rejuvenate and I plan to do just that.

Please share with us how you “tap out” when you feel you have pushed yourself too hard or just need to give your body a rest.



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