FFF Challenge #7: Eat 2 Fresh Green Salads a Day

We are now beginning with challenge #7.  This week’s challenge should be amenable given the summer holiday.

Drum roll please…………..this week’s challenge is:

 Eat two fresh green salads a day M-F

Green salads are crispy, fresh and cool and with the warm weather – extremely refreshing.  Remember, the darker the greens, the better for you with the vitamins and minerals.  The lighter the greens the more water and decrease in nutritional value (i.e. iceberg lettuce).

Get creative with it.  Throw in raw vegetables or beans you always wanted to try.  I plan to try radishes, bell peppers, cucumbers etc.  The more colorful the better.  “Taste the Rainbow” when it comes to preparing your salad.  The produce section in the grocery store is making it more easy to throw together a good salad with a blend of lettuce greens, cabbage, carrots and the like.

Now, many people have to have salad dressing with salad and that is fair but make smart choices so you do not add back all of the sugar and fat you are avoiding with a fresh salad.

  • Avoid cream-based dressings (thousand island, ranch, etc.)
  • Read the label to ensure the dressing is not slathered with sugar and extra fat
  • Consider making your own dressing with an acid such as balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, lemon and olive oil

Salads is one of the fan favorites where you can indulge in 2 cups of greens at a time.  Throw in some protein to boot such as lean chicken breast grilled, tuna (nix the mayo) or beans.  My mother also adds fresh berries to kick up the flavor as well as nutritional value.  Your creativity is the limit.

Hopefully this is a tasty challenge for everyone.


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