Run For Your Life Cardio

Cardio is known to really burn that fat if you do it proper.  You must challenge yourself.  I found this cardio workout online and it was created by a triathalon coach – GULP!  It should be done on a 1% incline at all times.

Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes.

Equipment needed:

  • Treadmill
Print off workout here: Run For Your Life
0 – 10
5 mph
10 – 10:20
7.5 mph
10:20 – 11:20
5.0 mph
11:20 – 14
Repeat minutes 10 – 11:20 twice
14 – 17
5.0 mph
17 – 27
6.5 mph
27 – 31
5.0 mph
31 – 35
6.5 mph
35 – 39
5.0 mph
39 – 55
Repeat minutes 31 – 39 twice
55 – 60
3.0 mph

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7 responses to “Run For Your Life Cardio

  • guyanesesista

    Oooh chile!! This looks like a killer. I cannot try this now. I’m a beginning runner. I’d pass out LOL.

  • guyanesesista

    I find it to be like interval running. I always prefer to do intervals. I also heard that intervals help you to burn more? What’s your take on it?

    • DSTPRL

      Intervals do tend to burn more calories than steady state. I compare it to driving in the city vs. highway. The car burns more energy in the city with the stop and start while when driving on the highway – the car tends to get better gas mileage. That is because the vehicle burns more energy with all of the starting and stopping, slowing down and speeding up vs. cruising along. Our bodies treat calories/energy the same way therefore we tend to burn more calories performing intervals. Make sure the calories burned count and are fat vs. sugar by limiting your intake of starchy foods or food items with high sugar content.

  • guyanesesista

    I did this last week and I like it. I took off 2 miles but only got up to minute 39 because I had to go to sleep for work. I’ll try it on the elliptical this week.

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