The Wiggly Jigglies

I can’t complain.  I was born with a fairly petite frame at least in height and I am not overly endowed in the chest area.  When I work out – I can wear a medium-control bra and I am GOOD!  No wigglies or jigglies.  Who ever thought small boobies would give me an advantage?  But if you aren’t like me and have some tig ol’ bitties….then you need MORE…much more.  When I have run with a group of women I have seen some scenes where I actually felt sorry for the well-endowed person attempting to run and keep up with the rest of us.

Poor child was ducking and dodging black eyes and a big pull on the back with the wiggly jiggly.  And being many of us are novices in the fitness arena I do not believe there is a lot of knowledge or awareness around the proper sports bra control to wear or the appropriate brands that fit well with our bodies.  Sports bras are essential when doing any physical activity.

They allow your body to breathe, bend and move without restriction and most importantly they offer the needed support depending on the activity.  If you are doing low intensity you may not need as much support but by gosh if you are running, jumping, bouncing….you better make sure you have what you need so you aren’t distracted with “the ladies”.

Maybe people have purchased sports bras back in the day and are still wearing the same one 5 years later (I am guilty of it but recently threw out the old ones).  They’ve lost their elasticity and integrity but hey it is a sports bra so wear it out and honestly, I am surprised they can concentrate on the workout with the boobs moving all over the place.  New and trendy sports bras aren’t necessarily overflowing in Victoria Secrets and isn’t what makes up our day of shopping in the mall.  Nonetheless they are important for the active ladies or the inactive to active ladies.  😉

With all of that said here are some tips when shopping or caring for sports bras:

  1. Go to a sporting goods apparel store with trained professionals who can assist you with the fit and allow you to try on the bras.
  2. Make sure there is no cinching or pinching and you can move your arms freely.
  3. Do some jumping jacks – how are the girls behaving?  Are you giving yourself black eyes – pick a different bra.
  4. Try to find bras with sweat-wicking material.  Nothing worse than being weighed down with a wet sweaty bra.  Blah!
  5. Take care of your bras so they last a little while (maybe not 5 years but at least 6 months) by washing them on gentle cycle and air drying them.  Do not use dryer sheets on them as they break down the material in the bras along with the excessive heat.
  6. The bras today are nifty – they have storage capacity (think of grandma putting money in her bra) – find the one that fits your needs (hold keys, ID or $$).
  7. If you need a full figure bra – take the time to find ones that properly support, minimize the jigglies, flatter and are comfortable.

Now get out there and find the perfect sports bra for your activity whether you are a petite girl, medium girl or full-figured woman…there is a bra for all of us.

I’m also in the market for some new ones – leave me a comment and let me know which brands you think are awesome.


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