1996 BABY!

I love watching the Olympic Games because of the sportsmanship, competition, triumph, defeat and athleticism.  I also like it because it brings back good memories  – I performed in the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremonies as a “stepper”!  I remember the months of practice outside in the hot stadium.  I remember knowing the words to all the songs by heart because it had been beaten into our heads.  I remember the voice overs and being starstruck as Kenny Ortega was our choreographer along with some very talented step masters.

I remember getting to know some of the cheerleaders who did flips and tricks even during our down time!

We were so young and full of energy and excitement!  Here’s the clip and if you blink around minute 8:00 you might miss me with my hands in the air waving and then taking a bow.



Leave a comment and tell me why you enjoy watching the Olympic Games and the types of memories it brings you.


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