FFFC Challenge #11: Perform Lunges (split squats) Daily

We are now beginning with challenge #11.  This is the third week of the weekly physical challenges and I hope you all are enjoying it.  Last week we had a squat challenge and if done consistently – you will start to see some shape up in the rear.  Continue to push yourself!    This week’s challenge is:

 A minimum of 1 set of lunges a day

For those of you who don’t like to read long posts here are the details of the challenge.  This is based on fitness level.

 Advanced:  2 sets of 20 jump lunges

Intermediate:  2 set of 10 alternating lunges

Beginner:  1 set of 6 alternating lunge

Like squats, I am feeling the lunge.  Who doesn’t want a nice round derriere that is firm?  Well that is what this very basic yet effective promises to deliver if done right and consistently.  Pretty much, the reasons I like squats are the same reasons I like lunges.

  • They are convenient.
  • Doesn’t require any equipment.  You can use your own bodyweight.
  • Easily adaptable to increase intensity by adding weights.  I up the intensity with barbells, dumbbells, or medicine balls.
  • Plyos are easily incorporated to improve power with jump squats

These are the variations of lunges one can do to change things up during this week’s challenge and target different muscle areas:

  1.  Forward lunge – step forward and bend front leg until at 90 degrees.  Be sure to not allow the knee to go beyond your toes.
  2. Backward lunge – step backward and bend back leg until at 90 degrees.  Be sure to not allow the knee to go beyond your toes.
  3. Jump lunges – great plyo workout.  Jump up and land in a lunge position and quickly jump up and switch legs.
  4. Jump squats – just like regular squats but jump up in the air and land in a squat position (soft knees) and repeat with a jump from the squat position.
  5. Side lunge – with feet together, step leg out to the side and bend.  Keep chest up and return working leg back to the original position.  Repeat with opposite leg.
  6. Curtsy lunge – with feet together, step leg slightly behind the other and bend (to mimic a curtsy) and return working leg back to the original position.  Repeat with opposite leg.

With any exercise, proper form is paramount so please be safe and do not overextend yourself if you are not used to performing lunges.   I repeat,  never let you knee go past your toes.

You only have to do at least 1 set a day so YOU CAN DO IT!

Video demonstration of lunges.

Do you have an idea for an exciting challenge?  Leave a comment HERE and get a chance to win a cool kitchen scale.


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