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Friday Motivation

In The Gym with Howard Falcon of Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp

I had the wonderful pleasure to interview Coach Falcon.  He has a lot of energy and is truly committed to his purpose in life which is to help people make a change for the betterment of their physical health.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.  We chatted so much and so long it was like speaking with an old friend.  I did not capture every word because we sometimes veered off topic but am sharing the gist of the conversation.  Very powerful #BOOM!

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

CF:  They call me Coach Falcon and I have been in fitness a little over a decade.  I worked at Hopkins (Johns Hopkins) in health and wellness of their corporate health program.  I’ve been a trainer, former athlete,  a lifeguard, and life coach.  I went into life coaching because while training clients, there was something personal, they have a lot of other things going on.  It is my business to change people’s lives.

FFFC:  How did you get interested in fitness?

CF:  I’ve always been an athlete and Sports come easy to me, so Fitness helps me to do what I really want to do and that is to help people to change their

FFFC:  What prompted you to make this your career?

CF:  It was a full circle thing.  In my early 20’s I got a chance to go to Bally’s for the first time.  I like helping others.  When I started at Bally’s I realized it was a sales job.  I wasn’t comfortable with selling.  I had a cleaning business for 10 years, sold mortgages and I sold cars.  I got into coaching lacrosse and training athletes and one thing led to another.  This was my passion and my calling and He brought me back to it.

FFFC:  What prompted you to start the Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp?

CF:  I (like most christians) was facing some challenges and struggling with my faith, but each time I was called back to church, it was at a gym that I met
people who brought me back to it.  After realizing that I want  to dedicate my life to serving God, and not man, I realized that this is what He wants me to
do, so Believers Fitness Boot Camp was born!  I want people to realize  that they can  believe in something bigger than themselves.

FFFC:  What do you like most about what you do?

CF:  Changing people’s lives by getting them to realize that the ability to change their life is already inside of them.

FFFC:  What is your favorite exercise routine?

CF:  Multi-Joint Interval Training.  If you don’t know what that is, that is why you have to check us out!!

FFFC :  What do you consider the most useful workout equipment?

CF:  Your own body.

FFFC:  What general tips do you have for the average woman balancing family, career with health and fitness?

CF:  Is this a trick question?  Well it depends.  We all think we are too busy, you have to be willing to do what the other busy moms are not willing to do.  Get up a little earlier, stay up a little later. You get out of it what you put into it.

FFFC:  Do you have any special events coming up?

CF:  I have a new location I am working on and as soon as it is ready I will let you know.

FFFC:  Thank you Coach Falcon for granting us an interview and sharing your insight.

Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp is located in Mount Washington at 1400 Coppermine Terrace, Baltimore, MD  21209.  You can sign up for their program by visiting their website at

Check out their Fan Page.

Coach Falcon is a happily married man and father to three boys and currently resides in Parkville, Md.

High Octane Workout (Muscle and Fitness)

This is called high octane for a need MAD ENERGY to complete it correctly.  One of the members of FFFC posted this in the private Facebook group from and I decided to share because we need to turn up the cardio up in here!!

ENJOY and please post the time it took you to complete this workout in the comments section below.


1. Sprint 100 yards – Perform 5 burpees – Sprint back to starting position 2. Sprint 100 yards – 5 burpees – 10 squat jumps – Sprint back to start 3. Sprint 100 yards – 5 burpees – 10 squat jumps – 15 air bicycles – Sprint back 4. Sprint 100 yards – 5 burpees – 10 squat jumps – 15 air bicycles – 20 pushups – Sprint back 5. Sprint 100 yards – 5 burpees – 10 squat jumps – 15 air bicycles – 20 pushups – Superman plank for 30 seconds – Sprint back

(All 5 stages constitute 1 lap)

If you can’t perform the reps stated then adjust according to your fitness levels. Perform 3 laps to begin with and, as your endurance increases, slowly start adding more laps. More advanced athletes may want to begin with 5 or more laps.

Description of each exercise:


Squat down with hands outside your feet Push your feet out and enter the press up stance Perform a push-up Bring feet back in-between your legs Jump up high Land with knees slightly bent

Squat Jumps:

Squat down with hands on head Jump into the air Land back down with knees slightly bent

Air Bicycle:

Lay on the floor with legs raised, knees bent and hands on ears or back of neck Bring your right elbow towards your left knee Alternate by then bringing your left elbow towards your right knee Bring speed to emulate the feel of being on a bicycle

Superman Plank:

Ensure your body is parallel to the floor with your palms and toes touching the floor (similar to push-up position) Raise your left arm up and stretch out in front of you while simultaneously raising your right leg up and straight out (stance should resemble that of superman flying) Hold for 30 seconds then alternate to right arm and left leg

Thursday Motivation

Sanders Optimum Boot Camp (Day 11)

I’m sad.  Tomorrow is the last day of this session for boot camp.  Over the past 4 weeks I feel myself getting stronger.  I mean I am stronger and faster.  Who knew what a difference a month could make.  And guess what you guys?  Because of the need to have the energy for the workouts, I stopped drinking glasses of wine during the week.  That is PROGRESS for me because I have swapped out wine as a mood stabilizer to the rigors of all out exercise.  What I mean by that is – we are going so hard in boot camp, I come back with the rush that takes me through good and not-so-good work days so I can endure with a good attitude and mood.

But yes, this session is coming to an end.  But before it ends here are some of the improvements I made.

  • I ran a mile in under 10 minutes.  I shaved off over 1 minute off of my mile run from the first time I ran it back on August 6, 2012!
  • We do these sprint drills where we run a certain distance back and forth 15 times in under 1 minute.  I always hit 13 times.  Today I hit 14.5 times!  I almost made it to 15 before the minute mark!!!!

I am so proud of myself and happy that I have been able to really see results with this boot camp.  It works!  The next session begins in September – Wednesday, on 9/12/2012 but due to hubby’s work travel schedule I’m not sure if I will be able to attend this next session even though – I really want to.  My neighbor and I are trying to figure out how to make it work because it really does bring me a lot of happiness.  It is also a great outlet for frustration because you have to give 100% in everything we are tasked to do.

Lastly, we start with gospel music to accompany us on our normal 1 mile warm up and we praise the Lord before we leave.  Now THAT is the perfect way to start any day!!!!

To the new acquaintances I have met – I look forward to participating with you on this journey again.

This is where all of the hard work happens!

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