I Am Superwoman


Got up this morning, put on my running shoes and went for my 3-mile run around the neighborhood in the fresh air.  A neighbor of mine accompanies me and we truly enjoy the solace we get from this grueling workout.  We run up and down steep and not-so-steep hills and at the end it is very rewarding because we got it in.

I received a heart rate monitor watch this past Christmas and as you all know I lost one and purchased a new one just this past May 2012.  The watch has several features I like to take advantage of including calculating average HRM, speed and distance.  That it takes the guessing out of it.

Well the problem I have with the watch is….it doesn’t calculate my proper heart rate.  Each time I finish using it and look down it shows my average heart rate in the high 100’s or even 200’s!  I mean I am all that but COME ONE!!!!

I called Sportline about it, spoke to their representative and basically he told me….this is a known issue with the watch and there is nothing neither I nor they can do about it.  They offerred to replace it with the same model but what sense does that make?  This is the 1st replacement and it doesn’t work consistently.  What will another replacement serve?  *Sigh*.

I am back in the market for another heart rate monitor watch.  What other brand of heart rate monitors does everyone suggest considering I want to calculate and track my heart rate plus be able to report speed, distance and possibly location/GPS.  I am now willing to pay a little more for a quality heart rate monitor.

I am sadly disappointed with my Sportline Duo 1060.  Farewell dear friend.  Parting is such sweet sorrow but we must depart because you can’t satisfy me.  Bye bye…PLUNK in the trash.



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8 responses to “I Am Superwoman

  • sweetkiwi99

    Try a Polar FT4F, it’s reasonably priced and very popular because it’s dependable and consistent. 🙂

  • sweetkiwi99

    Try a Polar FT4F- it’s reasonably priced, dependable and readily available. It’s one of the more popular brands/models. 🙂

  • MuddyJ

    I just got the motorola motoactv… it’s wrist worn combo GPS/heart monitor (requires chest strap) /mp3 player…so far I am loving it! Online @ amazon was about 140$ shipped

    • DSTPRL

      Do you have to buy the accessories such as the chest band or does it come with?

      • MuddyJ

        sadly, I had to buy a chest strap with it, i opted for a bluetooth strap, so there won’t be an issue with cross chatter when running with a pack… I got a Wahoo chest strap at the apple store for around $85…it comes with a nice pair of moisture resistant (wired)headphones, but I prefer my JayBird Bluetooth headphones as they are wireless…no tangles!
        For everything this little powerhouse does, I am very happy with it!
        None of my other chest straps from my sportline or gaiam monitors worked with it.

      • DSTPRL

        So you did not get the strap that goes with it? You were able I use another brand?

      • MuddyJ

        I didn’t buy the Motorola Ant+ chest strap because I thought my others would work with it…when they didn’t…I opted for a universal Bluetooth chest strap…Wahoo is the brand of my chest strap…it works well…though sometimes I have to unpair and re-pair it with the motoactv…


    Ok thanks so much Muddy. My husband is now in the market for a bluetooth strap and your information is very helpful!

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