FFFC Challenge #12: Perform Jumping Jacks Daily

Sets of Jumping Jacks Daily

Jumping jacks is one of the tried and true calisthenic exercises that we ALL know how to perform since our gym days in high school.  They are excellent for heart conditioning, shoulders, back, arms, thighs and calves.  Also, they can be done ANYWHERE.   We are going with the basic jumping jack for this challenge but feel free to get fancy with it if you like.

For those of you who don’t like to read long posts here are the details of the challenge.  This is based on fitness level.

 Advanced:  2 minutes (3 sets)

Intermediate:  1 minutes (3 sets)

Beginner:  30 seconds (2 sets)

With any exercise, proper form is paramount so please be safe and do not overextend yourself if you are not used to performing jumping jacks.  Also, please wear the proper support.



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