Taking The Plunge

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for years.  I remember being 12 and away at camp and working out on their nautilus machines and taking aerobics to the high-energy songs of the 80’s like “Gloria” and “Maniac”.  That was also the birth era of rap music which has its bunch of songs to work out to.  This has been in my blood for a while.  When I went off to college, I did not consider it a career option though.  I just did not consider it – no rhyme or reason.  I majored in business in undergrad and business and healthcare administration in grad school so it still did not register even though I would sign up for fitness classes at the local gym at Georgia State University and work out in their cardio room and weight rooms religiously.

Fast forward….I have had a lengthy and successful career in I.T. project management in healthcare.  Rising up the ranks into Management.  And while I enjoy grooming and growing my staff, I no longer feel as if I am working at my full potential and fulfilling all that I have been put here to fulfill.  I started working with my personal trainer back in 2008/2009 and continue to work with her on and off (when I can afford it).  Ever since then I enjoy our time together.  She is tough but fair and always pleasant.  She shares her expertise when I have questions and sends me workouts during our hiatus just to keep me on track.  She has greatly influenced my life and my body composition.

I started this blog because I am fascinated and enthusiastic about fitness.  I am ready to take it a step further and get certified in personal training!  There I said it ….. phew.  I can breathe but now I am nervous.  When I set a goal I am driven to meet and exceed that goal.  I was challenged by a Facebook friend to obtain our CPT by the end of 2013.  I find it hard to walk away from a challenge!  This is one I need though because I have been sitting on the sideline, wishing, hoping and planning but not DOING!  I remain prayerful this is the path God wants me to take.  I am certain He will correct my steps if I am going down the wrong road.

This is for everyone who stands uncertain about which path to take.  Trust in the Lord and He will not steer you wrong.  I want to help, assist, guide and help folks achieve their fitness and health goals.  This is my first step into that direction.  Won’t you please share in this with me?  I plan to continue writing about the experience and most importantly, sharing what I learn.  After all – that is my purpose, to share the knowledge I have to help someone else.


The exam materials and the exam itself is a little pricey but I started a little “test drive” by signing up with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and their 14-day free trial CPT online course.  It is free and can’t hurt to try it out right?  Why did I choose NASM over some of the other accreditations out there?  It appears to be widely accepted across the country and gyms, the organization reached out to me after I perused their website to supply me with information and it came highly recommended by several people I know and respect who are IFBB pros and also  have their CPT.  I can not lie, I am excited but a little scared all at the same time.  I am working to rid my mind of doubts and fears because those are not of God and there are so many people I would be able to help if I obtain this certification.  My mother and her sister have diabetes, I can help them.  My friends and associates want to work out but do not know where to start, I can help them.  There are strangers who have not crossed my path yet, I can help them.  My husband is recovering from a torn rotator cuff, I can help him.  My mother-in-law has embraced a more healthy way of eating and lifestyle, I can help her.  I can give and share, I can help me.

Please join me on this journey and if anyone has any tips or advice – I am OPEN to any and all you have to offer!!  God bless and buckle up…this is going to be a fun ride!!!  Let’s GO!

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I'm a lot of things such as wife, mother of 2, and career woman but my passion is fitness. You can sum me up as a fitness lifestyle blogger and enthusiast. I started Femme Fitale Fit Club to motivate women to live fit and healthy lives as well as share information on fitness programs, good nutrition, fitness equipment and tools. I love fitness challenges, running, cooking healthy meals, lifting weights, and meeting new people! View all posts by Femme Fitale Fit Club

2 responses to “Taking The Plunge

  • Sheila Simmons

    Congrats on your step on becoming a personal trainer. You should also get a group certification. Everyone and his momma is getting a personal training certification and less on the group training. It makes you more marketable. Also check out this rehab certification, I have it and do a lot of rehabbing with clients and a lot of trainers would not be able to do this.

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