March is Zumba Month at FFFC!


I have been hearing about Zumba for well over 4 years now.  My co-worker approached me after taking a class and told me that she thought I would love it!  Four years later I still haven’t taken a Zumba class.  It has grown in popularity and now there are Wii games, additional classes at the gym, Zumba events and well it has really taken off!  I can see why – you are moving to fun music and it helps to get the heart rate up.  Who doesn’t enjoy dancing?  I know I enjoy good dancing to GOOD music.  Also all that movement is very good for a healthy heart.

I thought FFFC would explore all things Zumba this month and share with our readers our experience.  What I mean by explore?  Ohhhh talk to Zumba instructors, possibly try and take a class or 2 and see what this is all about.  Perhaps we find a new favorite form of exercise.  OR maybe our experience piques your interest to try it if you haven’t already and you find a new fave!  Either way we are celebrating everyone doing the best they can do for their health!  You only have one body – we must take care of it!

If you would like to share your love for Zumba with our readers please contact me at!

This is my FIRST time ever seeing Zumba live and in full color!  These people had a ball!!!

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