LOVEEEE #Workout

a3a5e247c520359120b73d014611a9ecFelt good with my progress with today’s workout with my personal trainer.  We did a bunch of stuff tha tmade me feel strong.  I am feeling a bit achey on the back of my neck from the smith machine barbell but other than that – I feel GREAT!


Smith machine




# Exercise Rep Weight
1 Smith   machine – right backward lunge 15 90
2 Smith   machine – left backward lunge 15 90
3 Smith   machine – sumo squat 20 90
4 Smith   machine calf raises 40 90
5 Box   jumps 20 NA
6 Push   ups – right leg raise 10 NA
7 Push   ups – left leg raise 10 NA
8 Forward   lunge – shoulder press 15 30
9 Bench V-UP 10 NA
10 Bench   V-UP Russian Twist 15 NA
11 Alternating   box jump lunges 10 NA
12 Incline   push ups 10 NA
13 Alternating   box jump lunges 10 NA
14 Incline   push ups 10 NA
15 Alternating   box jump lunges 10 NA
16 Incline   push ups 10 NA
Done in 30 minutes

Disclaimer:  Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program.

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