Heart Attack

That is what it felt like I was having when I sprinted my way around the gym today in boot camp.  This is the 4th week of boot camp and our instructor took it up a notch to TEST us on everything we should have improved upon from week 1.  Whether this was your first boot camp or your 21st, we got it in today.

Test #1

Run a mile in under 10 minutes.  That means we run around the gym 11 times.  I felt good about this because I came in actually under 9 minutes!  Woo hooo!  That is big progress.  My first time doing this back in August I came in just under 10 minutes.  My grade here was an A.

Test #2

We did 30-second suicide drills.  We stand on the baseline, run to the free throw line, back, mid court, back, far free throw line, back and far baseline, back.  I saw some improvements as I came in under 30 seconds!!  My grade here was an A.

Test #3

We did the dreaded 15 touches in 1 minute.  This is a grueling exercise where we run between 2 baselines touching each one at top speed.  The goal is to get in 15 touches within a minute.  We had 3a and 3b (yeah you read that right – we did this thing TWICE).  For 3a I made it to 14 touches and 1/3.  For 3b I made it to barely 14 touches.  We only had about a 2 minute rest in between so I was happy to get that.  My grade on this was a C.

Test #4

We performed 200 jumping jacks nonstop.  I can do this without much ado and I did.  My grade here was an A.

Test #5

X-drill walk, jog, sprint.  This exercise consists of us walking for a period of time, then jog for a period of time and then sprint for a period of time.  We know we transition to the next step when our instructor blows his whistle.  Now I ordinarily fall behind in this exercise but today I was on it.  Instead of walking during that designated interval, I jogged and sprinted.  What that means I jogged during our walk interval and continued to jog during our jog interval and sprinted during the sprint interval.  This is the ONLY way I can keep up with the fast people up front.  My grade here was an A.

Test #6

Ab and jump rope intervals.  This was killer as we did everything from crunches, leg lifts, flutter kicks, sit ups, pendulums, Russian twists and V-ups.  We jumped rope for 10 seconds in between and immediately went back down to continue with the ab exercise.  This was no joke.  I made it though.  My grade here was an A.

The torture was finally over and we were able to bring it in.  I long for that LOOOONNNGGG whistle which means we are at 6:30 am!  HALLELUJAH I made it!  Burned a lot of calories in the process too!

I think I passed this test with an overall score of A-!!!!  Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah!!!

March 272013

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