Day 2 Boot Camp

My routine is to pick up my neighbor on the way to boot camp by 5:15 am Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  She usually gets in the car with a big sigh dreading the activity that lays ahead of us.  We park, walk in and we are basically always just arriving on time before the warm up.  The warm up could be anything from  X-drills to 1-mile jogs under 10 minutes.  Whatever it is we get our work in!

After we endured, AND survived the Sanders Optimum Fitness Boot Camp, after getting home and drinking my green smoothie, I realized I got a lot done before 7 am when most folks are just waking up.

We did our X-drill warm up, jumping jacks, all sorts of ab work, 2 sets of suicides, jump rope and much more.  Enough to have me burn 554 calories in ONE HOUR!!!  Don’t underestimate putting forth your best effort every time.  It does make a difference!

Now let me just say one more thing – it is finally spring time here in Maryland and it was so hot today that I felt like STRIPPING down!  I was burning up.  Tomorrow switching up my apparel to looser, less fit and less sleeves.  Gotta keep this body cool.

Apparel:  UA Heat Gear fitness shirt, UA sports bra, Champion sports pants, Polar FT4 HRM


Let me know what you got done today…leave a comment.


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