Who Run The World?

Today started off as a very good day.  Got up, got dressed, picked up my neighbor and started Sanders Optimum Fitness boot camp – Week 2.  Our warm up was a walk/jog/sprint to get in our first mile.  Pheewwww I’m used to that later on in the session!  It was good though – I never walk now because I will never catch up if I do.  We did ladders, abs and a bunch of running around.

We did standing abs to Beyoncé’s “Run The World” song and one of the members of the FFFC Family stated that should be our theme song and THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS!  We at FFFC Run The World!

Today felt great and I still have energy from today’s workout!  Tomorrow is our 3 mile run starting at 5:45 am.  Ready to hit that pavement and smash it.

April 15

I was able to hook up hubby and my green smoothie with some Anjou pears and 1/2 a banana to change things up.  Can you say DE-LIC-IOUS?  It was awesome too.  What turned it green you ask?  Spinach of course!  I use frozen mixed fruit as a blend to take it from good to GREAT!  If you read my posts here or on FB you know that is how we do it in the Harris household.


When you look good you feel good and my hair was SMASHING today.  This is a quick picture of my hair after a second day of using Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls.  I have been receiving compliments all day because not only does my hair smell nice, it is soft and FLUFFY!!!  And to think I hate having big puffy hair as a child.  This pic doesn’t do it justice but trust me when I say it is an awesome product!

Pillow Soft

Apparel:  Champion Sports bra, UA Heat Gear fitness shirt, Champion fitness capris, Polar FT4 HRM, Balega running socks, Asics GT2170

Did you smash it in the gym today? 

Have a great week FFFC Family – ’til next time!

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