Took It To The Pavement

As you may have just read I had a weekend filled with poor eating habits and very little sleep.  A recipe for disaster when it comes to maintaining optimal health.  I took it outside today and hit the pavement with my bestest running buddy and neighbor.  She is always down for an outside run and exploring new and longer routes.  Today we did our usual route because I was “scared” to try a longer route because after the weekend I had I was not sure HOW I was going to do.

I held up ok and kept a reasonable pace.  I also kept up with my running buddy because she set our pace today.  We finished our almost 3 mile run in a little over 27 minutes which is DECENT!  She just completed a 1/2 marathon this weekend while I was pigging out on McD’s.  Now that I am back on track I am hopeful when we go out later on this week – most likely Friday, we will have an even better time and possibly explore a different and longer route.

I will say it was 33 degrees in Baltimore, MD this morning and I was FREEZING but I warmed up quickly once we got our pace going.  We did stop about .75 miles in to look at new construction happening down the street because we both were unaware.  After we got over that, we picked up the pace and kept it moving.  No stopping any more for us.  We used to stop at each corner and walk a few steps to catch our breath, bring down our heart rates and reenergize.  Now we just run our pace straight through.


Even though I am sitting out boot camp this month my boot camp sisters hipped me to a new boot camp challenge.  The boot campers have been challenged to run The Memorial Day 23 Mile Challenge which is running a bunch of intervals from Wednesday to Saturday by Memorial Day.  The challengees have been challenged to come to both sessions of boot camp and get their interval run on (4 miles each)!  LOL I don’t know about that one…that is 8 miles in 3 short days doubling up on sessions.  WOOO chile!  My body fat is crying just thinking about that challenge!  I want to lose the weight but I guess no pain no gain huh?

But back to the subject at hand, even with cold weather, I am happy I am back on track.  I came home and drunk my green smoothie and ate a single egg for a little protein.


I love checking my running stats because I can check my progress over time.

Apparel:  UA cover up, Champion capris, UA shirt, Asics GT2170 running shoes, Balega running socks, Wahoo Fitness app, Nike+ Running app

Feeling like cat woman

Feeling like cat woman

What workout did you do today and are you happy you did it?

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