Ouch #Workout


There is something to be said for the term “No Pain No Gain”.  I don’t want to think of it like pain but rather soreness.  Pain means the body is in some sense of danger or distress.  Being sore to me just means I pushed it and now the body needs to rebuild.  Welp my workout last Tuesday had me so sore it was ridiculous!  She spared no expense to make sure I kept my heart rate up and that we kept it moving from location to location.  Check out the workout and try it for yourself.

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Ouch #Workout
# Exercise Reps Weight
1 Chest   press – incline bench 15 40
2 Chest   press – incline bench palms facing each other 15 40
3 Chest   flyes – incline bench 15 30
4 Front   raise – incline bench 15 10
4 Right   leg front lunge, bicep curl, back lunge hammer curl 15 40
5 Left   leg front lunge, bicep curl, back lune hammer curl 15 40
6 Diamond   push ups 20 NA
7 Bench   hops 30 sec NA
8 Decline   bench – ab crunches raise off hips 15 NA
Done in 30 minutes



Disclaimer: This workout was created by a certified trainer based on my current fitness level. Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program


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