How Many Drinks #Workout


Aaaaand I was back in there on Friday to turn it up and turn it loose.  I walk in and I am just as chill as I wanna be.  I was feeling good.  Not anticipating the discomfort from the workout.  I came in, stretched and sat down on the bench.  Then we got it started and I didn’t think about it – I just kept moving as best I could.  I got through that workout and finished strong I might add.  I was sweating, the heart rate was up – of course I forgot to START IT ON TIME AGAIN!!!!  But I know I hit our goal of at least 200 kcals per 30 minutes.  You may ask why I named this “How Many Drinks”?  Well …. if you indulge in anything the day or night before and then come to the gym, this reminds you why you want to eat and drink clean because you work so hard just to try and make up for it – which you can’t.  We all know you can’t out run a poor diet so just do your best to stay on track and indulge on special occasions only.  IMG_0674[1]

If you try this workout – just muddle through it because you won’t be able to talk if you do it right but you will feel great and accomplished afterwards.  You see me here cheesin’?















Body bar







Seated leg press 20 45
Standing row with barbell overhand grip 20 30
Squats holding barbell at collarbone overhand grip 20 30
Calf raises with barbell overhand grip 30 30
Alternating back lunges with shoulder press with barbell overhand   grip 20 20
Squats holding barbell arms down in front (underhand grip) 20 20
Decline push ups with alternating leg raises 10 NA
Decline push ups with left leg raise hold 5 NA
Decline push ups with right leg raise hold 5 NA
Decline plank hold 30 sec NA
Mountain climbers 30 sec NA


Alternating side lunge with body bar front raise 20 12
Curtsy squat left with shoulder press with body bar 30 12
Curtsy squat right with shoulder press with body bar 30 12
Burpees 15 NA



Once I got home I refreshed with my favorite green smoothie and took my Essence of Vitality detox (1 oz, 2 times per day).


Apparel:  Lululemon top, Champion capris from Target, PolarFt4 HRM, Asic Gel-Kanayo 18 running shoes, Balega running socks

Disclaimer: This workout was created by a certified trainer based on my current fitness level. Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program


I was feeling fierce after this workout!  OORAH!

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