Femme Fitale Fit Club Fall Fifty Challenge

Fall Fifty
Hey everybody!!!!  Long time no hear – Ha!  On top of the September health and wellness challenges for the month, we also set up an additional challenge to walk/jog/wog/run 50 miles this month.  That is less than 2 miles a day!
I set a pretty aggressive goal for myself in August to complete 100 miles and failed miserably.  I thought it would be better to set a more reasonable target in September and ask some family and friends to join me.
If you would like to participate do the following:
1.  Download Nike+ running app for FREE
2.  Set up your Nike+ account
3.  Send me the name of your Nike+ account to or leave a comment below with it (please send before 11 pm tonight otherwise I won’t be able to edit the challenge and add you once it starts)
4.  Send me a friend request through the Nike+ app (Diatta Harris)
5.  Accept my request to join the challenge via the Nike+ app
This challenge starts on September 1st and ends September 30thFeel free to invite your family members and friends to participate – the more the merrier!

Fall Fifty FAQ

1.  Do I have to do this outside?

A.  Absolutely not.  You can do this anywhere you like.  Just make sure your Nike+ app is started once your activity begins to be sure to calculate your distance correctly.

2.  Do I have to run this?

A.  Definitely NOT!  This challenge can be performed by walking as well.  This is to encourage everyone to simply move and not be as sedentary.

3.  Do I have to use the Nike+ app?

A.  You don’t have to use it but it sure makes it easier to see how everyone is tracking with the challenge because we will all be in one place.  If you do not care to download or  use the Nike+ app simply post a photo of the activity stats from your preferred app to to help keep you accountable.

4.  I use a pedometer, can I  participate with that?

A.  If it also counts distance along with your steps – SURE.  That way we are comparing apples to apples.  It is also a GREAT way to capture the distance you walked in a DAY!!  Very clever.

5.  What do I win at the end of this challenge?

A.  You will have the satisfaction of setting a goal and accomplishing it.  Sometimes you just have to do things for the betterment of you.

6.  Do I need to also wear the Nike device on my shoe to participate?

A.  No, the Nike+ app can function on its own without any additional components.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!!!! 

Femme Fitale Fit Club

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