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Your Day-After-Christmas Recovery Plan

Need a way to jumpstart your good eating plan after a holiday of indulgence? Farmivore has the cure.

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It’s the day after Christmas.

You feel tired and groggy.

Memories of egg nog, apple pie, cheese-y dishes, and more dance in your head.

The overindulgence of celebrating and eating heavy, rich foods is taking its toll and your body is not happy.

Not to worry! We’ve got a few tips to help you get back on track–all of which will fill your cells with nutrients that may have been lacking as you’ve spent time at the family dinner table.

1. Drink warm water with lemon. The first thing your body needs is to get rehydrated. Warm water is better than cold because it revs up your digestive system instead of cooling it off. Lemon adds alkalinity which reduces inflammation. It also enables your body to absorb essential electrolytes faster.

2. Make a green juice. Juicing is the fastest way to infuse your body with vitamins, minerals, and…

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