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Strava Run App Review

The time is here – I am ready to share my opinion and review abut the Strava Run app.  I started using the app around mid-August reluctantly I might add.  Why was I reluctant?  Because I was already using the Nike+ Running app and was very pleased with it.  At least I believed I was pleased with it.  Sometimes you have to try new things.  I had an open mind and said I would try the app and honestly – I LIKE IT!!!

It IS a social running app.  Meaning it allows you to find other athletes and friends and lets you track their running or cycling activities.  Yes I did say cycling activities.  Even though they have a separate Strava Cycling app – you can still track and follow your cycling buddies along with your running buddies and other athletes regardless of app.  I find that very interesting since they are 2 separate downloadable apps.

I honestly like a lot of cool things about this app.  Let me first caveat – I use this app with 2 additional apps (Wahoo Fitness and Nike+ Running) because they all compliment each other nicely.  Also, I did not upgrade to the Premium version which is a monthly subscription.  I am reviewing the FREE version of the running app.

Purchase outlets:  Online App Store

Price point:  FREE, there is a premium version with additional features (monthly or annual)

Here is what I really like:

1.  I find the interface extremely simple.  There is a simple red button to push and then you are OFF.


See that center red button?  How easy it that?  When you are ready to end/stop your run there is a checkered flag to the right of the red button which allows you to finalize your run activity.  If you want to pause, it is also very simple, just click the red button again and it is paused.  Click it again and it is unpaused.  Can not get any easier.  Seriously!

2.  The feeds feature allows you to check out your activity or your friend’s.  When you check out your friends’ activities it shows you meaningful info like their run or cycling route, mileage, time, calories burned and elevation gain.  Other apps don’t share that much information about the athletes or friends you decide to track.


3.  The app allows you to create your very own profile and modify it if you want.  I sort of like that because it reminds me of Instagram and allows you to update your profile description.  I updated mine to reflect Femme Fitale Fit Club in my name so everyone could find me easily.  How cool is that?  It allows you to upload a photo to use as your avatar.  My cycling friend has a very nice one of her alter ego, the Tillmanator.  Click on the name to check out her Women Who Ride interview.  She is cyclocross AWESOME!!

4.  They have their own challenge module which they set up themselves.  Now – I wish it allowed us to create our own BUT you can participate and compete with others across the nation who use the app.  They vary from fastest time, to distance challenges.  It ranks you and your effort during the challenge and how major would you feel if you came in the top quartile of thousands of participants?


I find that pretty cool.

5.  Price point – it is FREE and comes with loads of features.  There ya go!

This is what could be better:

1.  They recently added a feature that when you stop during your run the app will automatically pause.  AWESOME!  Well you must remember to hit the center button to unpause the app else you will miss the other part of your run after you paused.  UGH!  I found this out the hard way during 2 runs and fortunately ran another app which uploaded results to Strava so I could correct my actual mileage.  It would be great if the app could detect when you begin running again and auto-start on its own.  I may be wishing or wanting more than what is possible but that is my dream.

2.  It is an outdoor running app meaning if you run indoors on the treadmill……it is NOT going to accurately record your results.  I tried it and it doesn’t work.  You can run the equivalent of 2 miles on the treadmill and the app will display .4 miles or something like that.  Hey – it is what it is but I do wish it could capture my total lifetime run, treadmill and all.  Some of the other apps can do it and are quite accurate.  Not sure what technology they are using but hey – that would improve the app for me.

3. It does not integrate with your music playlist.  Right or wrong I listen to music while I run.  Whether I use headphones or let the music blare out of the phone, I like it to distract me and to push me through a run.  No worries though – I run another app which does integrate with the music and allows me to fast forward, rewind, pause and stop it at will.

4.  I did not purchase the premium but it seems a bit expensive.  I am sure it comes with an additional host of features but it is taking me a while to get my head around the FREE features.  Not completely sure what you get for $59.99/year.


On a scale of 1 (the worst) – 10 (absolute fab best) I would give this running app an 8.  Overall – it is a reliable and worthwhile app to use while running.  It is sturdy, shares a host of ways to analyze your run/walk activity whether it be reviewing your course, splits, elevation, and pace.  It allows you to socialize a bit, follow other athletes, give kudos and leave comments on their activities and perform some basic interaction.  I like that a lot.  I plan to continue using it because I really do like it!!  From I recommend if you are looking for a reliable running app that allows you to track your results – THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!  Thank you Spencer for recommending this app to me!!!!

Raffle Announcement

By the way we have a raffle going on this month.  Download the Strava Run or Cycling app and follow ME (Diatta Harris) and get entered to win some cool fitness gear, Road ID ($35 value) and other swag in a care package.  Two winners will be announced November 1, 2013.  Let’s GO!

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Fitbit Flex Review Coming Soon!

Hubby came in the house last week with a new package from Best Buy.  I peek in and lo and behold he purchased a Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Wristband.  He was pretty excited and since he has had a chance to use it while asleep, in the shower, at work, in the gym and even in the car he gave me some feedback which might be helpful to anyone considering one as a future purchase.

Stay tuned as I complete this interview and get it published RIGHT HERE!!!!


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Fitbit Aria Scale

Hubby just bought one for the house and to synch with his new fitbit FLEX bracelet.  I feel a review coming!!!  STAY TUNED!


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Phine Body vs. Booty Boot Camp

I must admit I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta faithfully since well…since it started.  This season there are two characters who both came out with workout DVDs.  On the show one of the characters had plans to make a video about “donkey booties”.  Her term for plump, fat buttocks which is a trait often associated with women of African American descent.  I for one don’t like the term “donkey” anything.  The character planning her workout DVD with her husband recruited the help of another character on the show with getting it made.  Long story short they fall out and the other lady ends up making plans to launch her OWN butt-building DVD!  Oh the shame and horror.  Biting is one of the worst offenses that can be done and this most definitely was a deliberate BITE.  Not saying having a workout DVD to build a proud posterior is unique – but it is highly coincidental both characters come up with the idea when one of the two has been talking about it for like every season she been on the show.

I will admit – I have a bunch of workout DVDs and very few really make me sweat.  Only 2 DVD gurus make me sweat, well 3.  Jillian Michaels, Cathe Friedrich and Althea Thompson!  All the others give me a nice little sweat but I am not limping or really sore afterwards.  I do wonder if these 2 DVDs are worth the money they are charging on  I mean what does Phine Body offer we can’t get from a personal trainer?  What does Booty Boot Camp really serve up that we can’t get from our local boot camp?

I don’t know and am not sure I want to put my money behind it to find out.  One of the things that make me want to purchase a workout DVD is because I believe in the person on the package.  I believe they want to help us get into the best shape of our lives.

If you have purchased and worked out with these DVDs please leave a comment below and let us know what you liked about them, what they lacked and how many stars you give it out of 10 stars total.  One star means it is WACK…ten stars means it is the BEST WORKOUT DVD EVER!

Here is a sneak peek of Phine Body

Here is a sneak peek of Booty Boot Camp

Tell us what you think and whether it is worth it to buy it.

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Ninja Blender Product Review

Product:  Ninja  NJ600 Pro Blender

Price Point:  $70 – $100

Purchase Outlets:, Target, and Walmart


I’m visiting with my mother and she recently purchased a Ninja blender from Belks here in South Carolina.  This is her way of stepping up her blender game in order to blend more fruits and vegetables for smoothies and easy consumption.

41ORhdx-jCLThis is my first time using it and I have heard great things about it.  So of course being here I had to try it to see what all the fuss was about.

I went to remove the top and I had a little trouble.  To actually pull off the top you have to hit the release button, lift the handle and PUUUUULL to open it up.  Once I got the top off I filled it with the almond milk, spinach, frozen fruit and sliced apples.  The blade is in the center of the blender and is about the height of the pitcher so I had to be careful placing the items in the blender as not to hit my hand on the center blade pole (it isn’t sharp but who wants to hit their knuckles against plastic?)


I figured out how to refasten the top, locked, loaded and BLEND!  I blended the ingredients for about 2 minutes.  While everything did eventually blend together, I did not find the mixture as smooth as I ordinarily prefer.  The spinach did not blend down into a nice smooth texture as I am used to with other blenders but it was acceptable.  Yes I was chewing on some bits of spinach.

When I blend smoothies, sometimes I like to add more ingredients especially if additional liquid is needed.  I was worried about doing that with this blender because I had so much trouble with removing the top at first.  My mom told me I could add moe ingredients through the pour spout.  It works!  I’m not picky.

I blended going from 1, to 2, to 3 (the highest setting) and back down.  I even used the pulse feature just to check it out.  When done I poured out the mix and my mother and I went to town.  I even had my children try it which my picky eaters totally ENJOYED!



  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Great value for the price point
  • Gets the job done
  • Good safety features to ensure proper use (if arrows on the top are not lined up exactly with the one on the pitcher, blender will not start)


  • A little difficult to maneuver the top (I struggled getting it off and back on)
  • Center blade pole is a little disruptive when adding ingredients
  • Did not blend to as smooth a texture as other premium blenders

On a scale of 1 (the worst) – 10 (absolute fab best) I would give this blender a strong and solid 7.  Overall this blender got the job done, is a great value for the price point and definitely helps you get your green smoothies made with minimum mess and fuss.  I say purchase this to get you started and once you become an expert and consistent with the green smoothies think about graduating to a more premium model.

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