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Pump It Up – Joe Budden Video

Taking it back ol’ school (well not really, just early 2000’s) for those of you who enjoy getting KRUNK in the gym!

Better Be Good – Ravaugn Video

This is my latest jam that I listen to while performing cardio.  I have it in constant rotation because the beat is slammin’ and it keeps me amped and PUMPED!!!!

Add it to your rotation – trust me you will dig it.

Drank In My Cup – Kirko Bangz Video

Yeah I have a secret side that likes hood songs while banging out a run on some pavement or hitting the cardio machine.  Don’t tell anyone!

Diamonds – Rihanna Video

This is my new cardio favorite.

PSY and MC Hammer at the 2012 American Music Awards

Does this not make you hype enough to run for about 30 miles?  Brings back memories!  MC Hammer’s song brings back memories.


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