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FFFC October Fall Harvest Challenges 2013

Slight blur due to motion.

What can I say about September?  The kiddies headed back to school and we focused our time getting our miles in the FFFC Fall Fifty Challenge.  We had other challenges going on but they did not take off as much as working to walk/jog/run 50 miles in the month of September.  It’s all good though because in October we are just taking it to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

In October, we have only 2 challenges.  YESSSSS we are pulling it back because quite frankly, we all are busy and participating in too many challenges can actually end up doing more harm than good.  We definitely do not want that so we will concentrate on no more than 2 challenges a month from this point forward.

Do you need help staying focused on your workout or challenge?  Then request to join our online fitness accountability group by clicking “HERE“.  Consistency is KEY – so hang out with us in the private group to stay motivated and encouraged.

Please leave a comment below if you decide to join us in this month’s challenges or tag us on Instagram @Femmefitalefitclub and use hash tag #fffcstrava when posting your  activity daily/weekly.

Challenge #1:  Your New PR challenge:

Your New PR October Challenge2

Post a snapshot of your activity using the Strava app on Instagram daily/weekly: tag @Femmefitalefitclub with hashtag #FFFCSTRAVA OR on our Facebook page @ http://facebook.com/femmefitalefitness
Grand prize: Hitting a new personal record!
Challenge #2:  Push Up Challenge posted on Facebook (click on the photo to see the full challenge) 373160_152410788240922_352596105_n

And there you have it folks.  While we toned down the number of challenges in the month of October, best believe, we did not tone down the intensity!  You have to GO FOR IT to hit a new personal record and we know you can do it!!!!  Who’s with us????   Leave us a comment on our public Facebook page which stays on and POPPIN!


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Who Needs Medicine?

I work for a health insurance company and every year we have an opportunity to decrease our annual medical benefit premium by participating in a biometric screening.  They measure our cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, BMI, and blood pressure.  I signed up last week and silly me forgot I had it this morning.  I drank my green smoothie with kale and ate some bacon (3 slices).  I was supposed to fast for 9 to 12 hours!!  EEK!


I also had boot camp this morning, which I did not feel like attending and Monte had us running and running and running.  We ran 5 miles today plus did over 700 ab reps!  I thought he lost his mind.  I left there so tired.  My feet hurt and I probably need to buy new running shoes because I already wore these out after 6 months with all of this boot camp running!


I arrived at work and checked my calendar for the day and lo and behold….there it is!  I have a 9:15 am the appointment for my biometric screening.

I almost panicked because I knew I had been eating, did not fast and was rushing in to work to start my 8:30 am call which can turn out stressful.  I go down early, about 9 am, and go through all of my screening.  They have a counselor at the end to review your results.  My results were EXCELLENT!  I was soooooooo excited.  Check it out!IMG_0371

My HDL was so high (over 100) they didn’t record it.  Same goes for my LDL – it was so low they didn’t count it.  My triglycerides were on point and so was my glucose level CONSIDERING I drank a green kale fruit smoothie this morning (16 oz)!!!  HOT DOG!  My blood pressure was 90/60 and I had to ask if that was considered too low.  She said keep doing what I am doing because she wished she was in that range.  My BMI was 24.2 (I just skated by).  I am 5 foot 2 and 132 so I think that isn’t too bad.  I WAS 140 and then 137 so I am going in the right direction!

Who needs medicine when all you need is good exercise and a decent diet?  Fresh fruits and veggies and treats in moderation?  I am so happy for Monte and Heather pushing me so at the tender age of 43 I have biometric stats of a person much younger.  God willing I plan to be around for a long time and consistent exercise (5 days a week) is MY MEDICINE!!!!!  And it tastes GOOD too!!!!

Share with us how exercise has helped YOU!  Leave a comment – we want to know!

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Where Have You Been All My Life?

If you have been following this blog you know I had an HRM I used that gave me less than stellar results.  You would also know I have been participating in boot camp since like August 2012 and am still in my last session (I plan to take a break for April).  Anywho – based on reading so many other pages and posts, I finally found a heart rate monitor that fits my stringent criteria:

1.  ACCURATE at all times

2.  Easy to use

3.  Easy to read

4.  Did I say ACCURATE

Thank you to everyone who shared your opinions because the Polar FT4 is my new-found love.  I just kept looking at it today asking “Where have you been all my life”?  I set it up last night with my basic information and went to boot camp today READY, snow and all!  IMG_0184  I am out there at 5:30 am in the pitch dark surprised by all the snow on the ground but nothing was going to deter me from getting my workout on with my Polar FT4.  Got my chest strap on (moistened the sensors), put my watch on and I was like a kid in a candy store.

I get to boot camp and we start off with 11 laps around – not before I switch ON my Polar FT4 and am ready to go.  BTW 11 laps around the gym equals one mile in case you were interested.  🙂  Then the punishment begins with X drills, sprints, 15 touches, 30-second suicides, push up pyramid jog-sprint drills (17) and the list goes on and on.  At one point in my sprint or rather AFTER my sprint I checked my watch and it had a whopping 207 bpm flashing back at me!!!  Whooo hooooo!

At the end of our boot camp they always ask how many calories burned and for the past 6 or so months I was radio silent.  Today I chirped up – 597 all loud and proud because my HRM was dependable and showed my effort.  I know there is controversy as to whether to use a HRM or just simply eat clean and go HARD at the gym.  For some of us we are data driven and need to see the numbers to know whether we are doing all that we can or slacking.  Sometimes the numbers keeps us honest with ourselves.  Posting them may help others (I hope it does, that is my reason for now posting them and that is part of April’s Fitness Challenges as well so join the fun online with us on Facebook).

I can’t say enough great things about my Polar FT4.  It helped take my workout up another level because now I know my baseline and where I need to go and what I need to do to keep the results coming.  I know everything isn’t for everybody but if you are looking for an easy and dependable heart rate monitor – Polar FT4 may just be for YOU!

I had a great work out today – I hope you do too!


Disclaimer:  I purchased my Polar FT4 with my own funds and was not asked or compensated to review and recommend the Polar FT4.

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FFFC Runners’ Series – Meet Julie


FFFC: Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.).

Julie, Management Analyst for the Social Security Administration. My main hobby is coaching college cheerleading. I spend most of my free time at practices, games and competitions. I also enjoy reading when I have a spare moment.

FFFC: When did you start running regularly?

Hmm…last Spring, I think?

FFFC: What inspired you to start running?

RAMONA!!! And the fact that I needed to get my butt into shape.

FFFC: What do you like most about running?

Running makes me feel so accomplished when I’m finished. I’m tired and sweaty, but I know I’ve just done something so good for my heart and body.


FFFC: What do you consider the greatest challenge with this fitness routine?

Finding the time to maintain a consistent routine. That, combined with the fact that I hate running on a treadmill, really limits my running options.

FFFC: Where do you prefer to run?

Outside! Running on a treadmill is soooo boring.

FFFC: What is the furthest you have run?

5 miles

FFFC: Do you run with any special running groups or partners?

No…though I am trying to get my husband into running.

FFFC: What are your current running goals?

I want to start running races. I’m planning to run my first 5k in March and I would LOVE to work up to a half marathon. (We’ll see how the 5k goes first lol).

FFFC: What other training do you do besides running?

Mostly classes offered at my gym (Body Step, Cycling, Pilates, Body Pump and occasionally Tae Bo).

FFFC: What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Losing almost 15 pounds!

FFFC: What is next for you?

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get more consistent and begin running races. I’ve already got 5k distance running on my own, so I want to test that out in a race. Once I’ve got that under my belt, I plan to start working on a 10k training program.

FFFC: How can readers learn more about your running journey? (i.e. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.)?



FFFC Runners’ Series – Meet Kelly!

kelly run

Featured Fitale Runner
December 4, 2012

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.).

KT:  Kelly Tribble Spencer, wife, mother, and wannabe superwoman with far too much on my plate. I am a government mule (work for Social Security Administration). I enjoy swimming, bowling, card making, and wine (especially drinking the wine). Lately I have become addicted to the various apps on my iPhone. I am going to start deleting them – they’re serious time wasters!

FFFC:  When did you start running regularly?

KT:  I started running in April 2012 with a program called “FIT” which is Females in Training.

FFFC:  What inspired you to start running?

KT:  My son is a cross country runner. You almost have to be a runner to be a spectator at a cross country race. After attending a couple of races, I knew I wanted to be able to run so I could catch him throughout his races and cheer him on.

FFFC:  What do you like most about running?

KT:  Like? Well honestly, I am not sure how much I like running. I like the changes in my body. I like that I am stronger. When it’s nice outside, I like looking at the world around me. I like the little nods I get from other runners – that nod that says we are part of an elite group.  I love that I can watch my son’s entire race. I can run and catch pictures of him at 3 or 4 spots on the course.

FFFC:  What do you consider the greatest challenge with this fitness routine?

KT:  Winter is my greatest challenge. This is my first winter running and I am not a happy camper.  I am just beginning to adjust to the cold weather. It’s pretty hard on my knees, my breathing, and my skin. I will be ecstatic when warmer weather returns.

FFFC:  Where do you prefer to run?

KT:  Outside in the open, fresh air. Treadmills are the devil.

FFFC:  What is the furthest you have run?

KT:  Should this be farthest? 8 miles. I know it will seem like a small number to elite runners. But I am super proud to say 8 miles. I’m going for 10 tomorrow.

FFFC:  Do you run with any special running groups or partners?

KT:  I started with a group and that really helped me get going. We ran from April to July, when I ran my first (graduation) 5K.  I started running with Black Girls Run in August, the day after my 42nd birthday. Someone told me about BGR and I was intrigued – mostly because the stereotype is that black girls DON’T run. So I showed up to one of their runs and have been hanging in there ever since. I also went back to my first group for a fall session.

FFFC:  What are your current running goals?

KT:  To run faster, longer, and stronger.  To do that I just keep adding on the mileage slowly but surely.

FFFC:  What other training do you do besides running?

KT:  I just started some strength training via a Boot Camp class. The exercises are phenomenal, but I hate getting up early and going to a class. So I purchased all the equipment for home and have been doing the workouts in my family room! I’d love to go to a yoga class. I am famously inflexible and it has become worse since I started running. So, I am quite embarrassed to do a yoga class. Actually, I’d like a yoga personal trainer for one or two months just to get me set on a regular path.

FFFC:  What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

KT:  Running is my biggest accomplishment. As a person who has been fairly thin (but not very fit) all of my life, I have never stuck with any type of fitness regimen for longer than a couple months. I didn’t pick something easy, I chose running.  Just being able to say, “I am a runner” is a huge accomplishment for me.

FFFC:  What is next for you?

KT:  A half marathon – actually 2 of them.  I am registered for one in April and another in June.

FFFC:  How can readers learn more about your running journey? (i.e. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.)?

KT:  I have a blog where I post about life in general http://freetobekelly.blogspot.com/  I find it really quite witty when I re-read my posts. Honestly I am terrible at posting, though I  have promised myself that I will do better in 2013. Maybe if someone actually reads it, I will get better with writing.  My run app posts my runs automatically on my Facebook page and I generally post my accomplishments and challenges there as well. Now that I think about it, I really should document this journey. It’s been awesome!

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