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Omega VRT350 Juicer

Yeah baby – it came today!  My new Omega VRT350 Juicer.  I have been wanting one for a while and finally purchased it.  I have a Breville Juice Fountain which has served me well but it is a centrifugal juicer and this new one is masticating.  From all of the online reviews, I understand there is a major difference and curiosity got the best of me so I want to see for myself!


I just had to try it tonight so I took it out of the box, washed off the parts with hot water, reassembled and got to juicin’.  I threw whatever I had available in there including pineapples, red grapes, green apples, strawberries and carrots.  Did not feel like walking to the fridge in the basement to get the English cucumber.  SUE ME!  Ha!

This is what it produced, beautiful, bright, thick juice!


I do plan to provide a more formal review of the juicer in comparison to a few I have had in the past including Juiceman Jr. and Waring Pro.  For now, just gaze at the photo and soak it all in.  Doesn’t it look YUMMY?

Stay tuned for a future review after I give this thing a few more whirls!

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FFFC Idol – Chef Ahki


I first learned of this phenomenal person through my girl Jamila Crawford’s Facebook page site.  Jamila and I went to Cedar Grove High together in Ellenwood, GA and owns EarthCandy which is ultra chic and FLY!!!

Chef Ahki and Jamila

Chef Ahki and Jamila

She is an amazing person as well and an awesome chef to the stars and rockers alike.  She will be featured next.  Once I started following Chef Ahki I started learning a lot more about the food and manufacturing of it that is mass produced and used to feed the masses.  It wasn’t always great news.  But after following her for about 1.5 years now via www.chefahki.com, her youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ChefAhki?feature=watch and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheChefAhki I was hooked!

She is highly knowledgeable, multi-talented and full of positivity.  Check her out and see why she is an FFFC Idol!



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How You Doing?

I made it through 3 days of boot camp this week and 1 personal training session with Heather!  Hallelujah!!!!  I did have some foul ups on the diet front but trust me – boot camp yesterday and this morning definitely made me pay for it.

Let’s check out my workouts for this week so far:


Day 1 of boot camp and we were placed in the small gym which means it was hot, the floor was wet and we were extremely sweaty!  We had a few casualties as some folks fell trying to do the 15 touches, suicides and side shuffles.  It was great returning and seeing everyone because I truly missed everyone while I had my month of May hiatus!  These folks really help to give me wings!!!!  I juiced watermelon and pineapple so that kept me super hydrated before and after the workout.  I still drank well over 56 oz of water during the session.  Yeah felt like I could float.

IMG_0578 IMG_0584


I had my workout with Heather and she had no mercy on me.  She went up on all of my weights and the gym was hot and muggy so I was really struggling.  We did chest presses, lateral raises, front raises, squats, lunges, bench hops, diamond push ups and flyes.  The torture didn’t stop there – that is just all I can remember right now!!  Our goal was for me to burn at least 200 kcals in 30 minutes and as you can see here on my HRM I exceeded that goal.  Now the goal went up to 250 kcals per 30 minutes.  EEK!  Considering we just did over 150 push ups on Monday…..I was FRIED!  I also won and received a new raw cook book and ate sautéed kale for dinner.  Kale tends to give me energy.

IMG_0586 IMG_0588 IMG_0590


Day 2 of Sanders Optimum Fitness Boot Camp and let me just say….we were still in that little gym.  BUT not before we went out and ran on the turf on their big field!  100 yards never looked so far.  We did ladders and sprints and the thing that pushed me to run as fast as I could was to get some rest at the end.  We had a major superstar in class that day who ran circles around us that day.  We started with 5 times around the field which felt like 1 mile to me but we were told wasn’t.  Mmmm hmmm…tell us anything.  Still had enough time to get my calorie burn on because we ended back in the small gym where the torture continued.  🙂



Day 3 of boot camp and chiillleee we were back in the big gym – my comfort zone.  Well they didn’t make it too comfortable because we hit ab work HARD and then hit 2 sets of sprints!!!!  We started with our famous 11 times around which is a mile in that gym and I like that because I get to listen to my  music.  What was I banging in my ears you say?  Friend Of Mine by Kelly Price and How Many Drinks by Miguel.  Yessssssssss they kept me going.  I finished the 1-miler under 9 minutes which is becoming my new normal.  The superstar today was my girl and neighbor Michelle.  I could not catch her on that mile run this morning!  I’m not making excuses…ok maybe a little, but my legs were also tight.  I didn’t stretch before the warm up run but I never stretch!  YIKES and ducks!!!!


So far that is my fitness week in review.  I am supposed to be volunteering and working with some kids tomorrow to help them get their fitness on.  I’ll let you know who wears who out.  LOL!  I have almost met the June challenge of 5 workouts per week.  I need one more day.  You might say I have another day left – well because of work I won’t be working out tomorrow which is a 5 am, 5 mile run around our famous Owings Mills loop.  I will miss the girls but hey – gotta pay the bills.

What fitness plans do you have this weekend?

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Vitamix 5200 Blender Giveaway!!!!!


Simple Green Smoothies is running a contest where they are giving away a FREE Vitamix 5200 blender!  All you have to do is leave a comment as to how Simple Green Smoothies changed your life and for a BONUS you can create and upload a youtube video explaining the same thing on camera.  It sounds like a lot of fun and even though I already own a Vitamix, I did enter the contest!!!  Y’all know I am competitive.

If you want a chance to win, simply click on the photo to go directly to their site and get more contest information.  GOOD LUCK!

The contest ends May 1 and the winner will be announced on May 8th.  Don’t say I never shared anything with you!  Get in it to win it – it just might be your lucky day.

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Ninja Blender Product Review

Product:  Ninja  NJ600 Pro Blender

Price Point:  $70 – $100

Purchase Outlets:  Amazon.com, Target, and Walmart


I’m visiting with my mother and she recently purchased a Ninja blender from Belks here in South Carolina.  This is her way of stepping up her blender game in order to blend more fruits and vegetables for smoothies and easy consumption.

41ORhdx-jCLThis is my first time using it and I have heard great things about it.  So of course being here I had to try it to see what all the fuss was about.

I went to remove the top and I had a little trouble.  To actually pull off the top you have to hit the release button, lift the handle and PUUUUULL to open it up.  Once I got the top off I filled it with the almond milk, spinach, frozen fruit and sliced apples.  The blade is in the center of the blender and is about the height of the pitcher so I had to be careful placing the items in the blender as not to hit my hand on the center blade pole (it isn’t sharp but who wants to hit their knuckles against plastic?)


I figured out how to refasten the top, locked, loaded and BLEND!  I blended the ingredients for about 2 minutes.  While everything did eventually blend together, I did not find the mixture as smooth as I ordinarily prefer.  The spinach did not blend down into a nice smooth texture as I am used to with other blenders but it was acceptable.  Yes I was chewing on some bits of spinach.

When I blend smoothies, sometimes I like to add more ingredients especially if additional liquid is needed.  I was worried about doing that with this blender because I had so much trouble with removing the top at first.  My mom told me I could add moe ingredients through the pour spout.  It works!  I’m not picky.

I blended going from 1, to 2, to 3 (the highest setting) and back down.  I even used the pulse feature just to check it out.  When done I poured out the mix and my mother and I went to town.  I even had my children try it which my picky eaters totally ENJOYED!



  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Great value for the price point
  • Gets the job done
  • Good safety features to ensure proper use (if arrows on the top are not lined up exactly with the one on the pitcher, blender will not start)


  • A little difficult to maneuver the top (I struggled getting it off and back on)
  • Center blade pole is a little disruptive when adding ingredients
  • Did not blend to as smooth a texture as other premium blenders

On a scale of 1 (the worst) – 10 (absolute fab best) I would give this blender a strong and solid 7.  Overall this blender got the job done, is a great value for the price point and definitely helps you get your green smoothies made with minimum mess and fuss.  I say purchase this to get you started and once you become an expert and consistent with the green smoothies think about graduating to a more premium model.

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